is Same Eros's X !?

by picture this,
when you feel some sexual feelings,
you are GAY!! ...maybe.

when i was 6 or 7 years old
i found this DAVID in some picture book in my hom
when i found it,i was so exited, and my penis is elected.
i don't know what is this feels.
just i felt i wanna touch him and love him in real.
i felt this feel is the best thing in the world!!
it feel's not changed in me. fuckin' same.
but now, i'm gonna 'THINK' about it some.
i'm gonna be really stupid day by day.
i think SEX is SEX. for MAKE LOVE.
i didn't care i'm a boy or a girl
just i felt soo good! so, what's wrong??
i wanna make people happy by this feels!
like michelangero and DAVID's sweet trap!

anyway, i cutted out it from that book,and put it on my mirror.
and it still there on same place. same mirror on my desk.
but it color's change,by my smoke,and my sight of desire...for him.
so color gonna be like THE REAL THING! they are living with me.
so i collage them for best position!

like always i dreamed on me..

love x Qee xxx

LET'S go to NEXT!
i wanna say something about SEX,too!! or go to meet someone like DAVID!!
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